Thursday, September 6, 2018

Applied Inspirations and Illusions

It was a special moment for me to meet Joleen online. As we started talking, she told me about her project. I thought she had a serious committment to personal development and had started her own blog named INSPIRE for that reason - it turned out to be just a school project, not really dedicated to helping any one to discover anything - lol

It looked like, she wanted to gain some experience and develop her own skills to be more effective in shaping her understanding of self-discovery and self-development, making her desire for success into a workable strategy by building on all the available channels of interaction and communication so readily available to us on the web and off line - but for any of that she didn't have enough time.

She did make a nice video describing the things she likes the most RIGHT HERE!

I posted a few comments on her blog in reply to some of her postings and invited her to do the same on my blog here. She agreed but never bothered posting any.

I had hopes we may be able to inspire a few more to work with us, sharing our ideas, thoughts and feelings regarding this vast topic of finding our path to success while assisting others do the same, but her blog has already been taken down. Never the less, I can still invite you to my own ongoing project RIGHT HERE!