Friday, March 24, 2023

Make a Name for Yourself - Create a Link


At a minimum, use your communication skills when you come online and post some messages or reply to things others have posted to reflect what's on your mind.

Lots of apps give you the opportunity to create a profile. Posting a picture is nice, but you can add a lot more value by posting LINKS to other web pages you like or sites which offer a bit more information about you, and what you find of value in your life, or of interest in this world ...  

Recently, I discovered some apps I like to share with you ...

              1. Koji
              2. Snipfeed
              3. AllMyLinks

When you get to the point of being ready to publish a blog or create your own web site, make sure to invite your visitors to post comments and include a few links as well  ...  I hope you got the hint and will make good use of all the space below ... :)

Monday, October 26, 2020

Your Main Parts

     What Are These Main Parts?  

Let's look at each one of them to try and understand them a bit better!  


1) GOOD FOR ME - * - 2) BAD FOR ME 


This table shows you the areas you should be focusing on in applying special attention to do more of the things which are good for you, especially if you don't like doing them, and less of the things you like but are bad for you.

You may also want to raise the question in your own mind why you like or dislike some things or move them from the in between field into a more clearly defind category.

Please post your comments if you like to contribut some remarks or questions!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Income Creating KIK Groups

KIK is an interesting chat environment where it is very easy for you to meet people to communicate with from around the world. I have set up the following list of groups you can visit to see how I am doing business online and how you can do the very same thing easily in a few steps.

You are welcome to visit each one of them, enter the word LIST to see all the link terms you can type to bring up the clickable URL's which will show you the affiliate marketing systems I have created for you to register as an affiliate and practically have your own Income System you can add to your own KIK Group, or promote from your Instagram and FaceBook site.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

SnapChat, Kik, Instagram and more

A few months ago, I finally got myself a mobile phone so I could log into some of the programs which require one to have a number which can receive an SMS text message with some code in it, so I started to try out a few of the popular apps like SnapChat, Kik, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

Link up with me right here!

One of the more unusual sites I came across was BIGO LIVE TV.

LinkTree is a very usefull addition to the whole spectrum of social chat sites tying right into SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter - the technology impressed me less than the degree of age discrimination, social ignorance, limited literacy and poor communication skills especially among teens on SnapChat.

Offering encouragement to apply some critical thought or a desire to develop their intellectual capacity is for most of the teen aged girls virtually incomprehensible while at the same time Twitter is crowded by young web cam girls showing their best qualities to invite visitors to web cam sites like MyFreeCams

I find this cultural discrepancy highly astonishing and ask myself what it may lead to. Let me invite your thoughts, comments and observations below.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

How the US is losing on all fronts!

In international trade, advanced technology and world diplomacy:

Chinese sources have assembled the following facts:

April 2017: A director of Chinese tech giant Huawei personally escorted famed Shanghai-born physicist Zhang Shoucheng from the latter’s hotel in Shenzhen. Jackson & Wood Professor of Physics at Stanford University, Zhang was in town to attend an IT summit.

Sept. 2018: Prof. Zhang receives a European physics award, one of his many honors. His work in quantum physics is expected to revolutionize the global semiconductor industry. Yang Zhenning, the first Chinese scientist to receive the Nobel Physics Prize (1957), had predicted that Zhang would be the next one.

Dec. 1, 2018: Prof. Zhang and Meng Wanzhou are expected to attend a dinner in Argentina, where the G20 summit is being held.

Dec. 1, 2018: On her way there, Meng is arrested in transit by the Canadian government.

Dec. 1, 2018: Prof. Zhang falls to his death from a building in the US, allegedly a suicide. Said to be suffering from depression, he was 55.

Dec. 1, 2018: A nighttime fire breaks out at a factory of Holland’s ASML, the world’s leading manufacturer of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology. EUV is crucial to the production of the next generation of semi-conductors, which US and Chinese tech firms as well as Korea’s Samsung are competing to be first to bring to market. Leading Chinese semiconductor producer SMIC is known to have ordered EUV technology worth US$120 million from ASML, for scheduled delivery early in 2019. After the fire, ASML announced that it expected delays in shipments of its products, notably early 2019.

Get the whole story  HERE

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Applied Inspirations and Illusions

It was a special moment for me to meet Joleen online. As we started talking, she told me about her project. I thought she had a serious committment to personal development and had started her own blog named INSPIRE for that reason - it turned out to be just a school project, not really dedicated to helping any one to discover anything - lol

It looked like, she wanted to gain some experience and develop her own skills to be more effective in shaping her understanding of self-discovery and self-development, making her desire for success into a workable strategy by building on all the available channels of interaction and communication so readily available to us on the web and off line - but for any of that she didn't have enough time.

She did make a nice video describing the things she likes the most RIGHT HERE!

I posted a few comments on her blog in reply to some of her postings and invited her to do the same on my blog here. She agreed but never bothered posting any.

I had hopes we may be able to inspire a few more to work with us, sharing our ideas, thoughts and feelings regarding this vast topic of finding our path to success while assisting others do the same, but her blog has already been taken down. Never the less, I can still invite you to my own ongoing project RIGHT HERE!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

An Instant Income Site For You

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